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Throughout the run of the strip, I had many meetings with directors and producers who wanted to make "Troy" as a movie or TV series, but as with most things in Hollywood, it never made it all the way through to production. As print magazines started to go under, I decided to bring the strip to a close. I decided instead of waiting around for someone else to make "Troy," I would do an animated short completely on my own and dedicate it to the loyal readers all over the world who enjoyed the strip for so many years.


The animated short "Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!" screened in various film festivals around the world from 2011 to 2013. It is a silly, sweet, slightly sarcastic, musical satire of gay culture and gaysploitation entertainment. The story follows nice guy Troy McDougall, a twenty-something, out-and-proud, gay actor as he gets what he believes will be his big break into The Business, a lead in the world premier of the new musical “Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!” I wrote, directed, and animated the short and was fortunate to get Euriamis Losada, Ben Patrick Johnson, Maurice Jamal, Doug Spearman, Jason Boegh, and Bruce Vilanch to do voices for the film.

"Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!"

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"Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!"

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"Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!"

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