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Heads of Space

Pig Apple

Character Illustrations and assets for the animated series "Heads of Space"

The Lonely Island

Pig Apple

Character Illustrations for the animated short "The Lonely Island"

Plug DJ Avatars


Character designs for Plug.DJs avatars

Click HERE for the plug.dj project page

Dino Dogz

Hennessey Productions

Character designs for an animated series pitch and mobile game

The DiCapiro Code

Walt Disney Internet Group

Character designs & props for an animated web series for Movies.com

Click HERE for the DiCaprio Code project page

Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!

Character designs for animated short based on the comic strip "Troy"



Branding character for clinical application "Snappy." The character is used in the application, throughout a suite of Snappy eLearning courses, animated commercials and presentations, in marketing materials, posters, special event collateral, and as a live, costumed character. Over the years, Snappy's look changed slightly. Originally an ambiguous, cartoon alligator, after the character was animated and given a female voice, her features were then softened a bit to make her look more female as well.

The Grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Character Design & Props: Cartoon Network

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