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I am a story focused art director, illustrator, animator, and graphic designer experienced in every aspect of the creative process, from brainstorming, concepting, and writing, to the implementation of finished, high quality work products. My work includes character design, animation, commercial and editorial illustration, concept art, storyboards, comic art, and graphic and interactive design. I have created animated characters, illustrations, and graphics for everything from commercial agencies, books, magazines, comic strips, games, TV, movies, web series', to corporate eLearning modules.


I was previously the Art Director for Plug DJ, a social media/music sharing website where users take turns being the DJ. I developed the overall art style for the site and lead the art team in the creation of 100’s of animated, dancing avatars, background environments, chat badges, and other graphic assets.


My comic strip “Troy” ran for fourteen years in alternative newspapers throughout the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, parts of South America, Australia, on LOGO's news site, 365Gay.com, and has been published in seven different collections. In 2011, I did an animated short based on the strip that screened in numerous film festivals throughout the world from 2011 to 2013.


Clients include; Pig Apple, Total Max Fitness, Equinox West Hollywood, PBJS, Creative Impact Agency, Caboom Animation, Moxie, The Prodicom Group, WhittmanHart Interactive, The Woo Agency, Troika Design Group, Dole Foods, Paradise Greetings, Akalia Design, Bronx Born Films, SkySport & Spa, Bridge and Tunnel Communications, Makai Media


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